About Us

Our company, California Educational Creations, was founded by educator Robert E. Seltzer B.S/M.S. in 1988. During his long career as an educator he taught many subjects, among them drivers education. While textbooks on most traditional subjects were available at the time, a comprehensive, readymade driver education curriculum was not.
Mr. Seltzer knew that the best single source of information for driving in the state of California was the California Driver Handbook. It represented a concise embodiment of the latest laws and rules of the road for the state. Born from necessity, Mr. Seltzer created his own worksheets, quizzes, and vocabulary exercises in the classroom that worked in conjunction with the handbook. This allowed the students to obtain information directly from the source that literally represented the most current laws in California.

Early in his retirement, Mr. Seltzer invested time in refining a driver education program that would offer fellow educators a comprehensive, all inclusive teacher-friendly curriculum that worked as a companion to the California Driver Handbook. His ingenuity, resourcefulness, and hard work created the product we know today as The Complete Driver Ed Program. This time tested program has been successfully used by educators in the state of California since 1988 to teach hundreds of thousands of students.

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